Train to Teach

The New River Teaching Alliance has an excellent track record of bringing new and talented teachers into the profession through high quality training. Our training is delivered by experienced practitioners across our partner schools and at our world class partner universities.

We deliver the School Direct Programme with our three strategic partners:

  • IOE, UCL’s faculty of Education and Society
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Middlesex University

The School Direct Programme is a full-time one-year programme
(September – June) during which time you will:

  • Undertake two high quality school placements.
  • Receive a programme of training delivered through our schools and university providers
  • Build your confidence and subject knowledge.
  • Learn and practise the necessary skills needed to become an effective classroom teacher.
  • Be fully supported by mentors and tutors at your university as well as in school.

Trainees will receive an immersive training programme where they are working alongside outstanding teachers with current and relevant experience.

  • We are no longer recruiting for training posts starting September 2022

  • If you would like information about the School Direct Programme for 2023-2024 please email at

All potential candidates will be expected to be in possession of the following:

  • A UK undergraduate degree or a recognised equivalent qualification at 2.2 or above in a relevant subject.
  • GCSE Grade C or above in English Language and Mathematics.
  • A strong understanding of the subject you wish to teach.

Previous NRTA recruits feedback on training

“People always ask me what teaching is like and my answer is always the same; pick an adjective – teaching will feel like that at one time or another. But the one thing it never is, is boring – and I’ll take that any day.”

Rohan, now working as an NQT+1 in an NRTA school

I will always be grateful for the attention to detail and the care I was given by the NRTA throughout every stage of the process – from the first recruitment fair I went to, to supporting me in landing my first qualified post. I remember thinking at the interview how at ease they made me feel and how they compounded every aspiration I ever had to become a teacher.”

Anastasia, now working as an NQT in an NRTA school

“Challenging, but very rewarding!”

Fawwaz, now an NQT+2 employed by an NRTA school

“It was really amazing – even during the tough times. The support I received across the school was first class.”

Malcolm, now an NQT+2 employed by an NRTA school with added responsibility for KS3 Maths

“The training and organisation of the course was great! My advice would be to get involved in all aspects of school life – not just in your department.”

Evie , now an NQT+2 employed by an NRTA school

“It is scary, but you get lots of support. Plus, it’s really nice working with people who have recently trained – as they can give you great advice.”

Joe , now an NQT+1 employed by an NRTA school

“Daunting, but fantastic!”

Ben , now an NQT employed by an NRTA school

“A real eye-opener, but overwhelmingly fun!”

Robbie, now an NQT employed by an NRTA school

“It’s been trying at times, but a really nurturing experience – and one I would recommend”.

Olivia , currently working as an NQT