Professional Development

The NRTA provides a wide range of professional development opportunities for staff throughout their career journey from professional studies for student teachers, ECT and ECF courses, all the way to developing and supporting headteachers. These opportunities are summarised below:

  • Student teacher professional studies: Weekly courses designed to complement trainees experience in school and their university time.

  • ECT CPD programmes for primary and secondary ECTs (We also offer ECT certification)

  • Leadership Programmes (including: NPQ Middle Leadership; NPQ Senior Leadership and the NPQ Headteacher). This is accredited by our partners at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. We have facilitated both courses for over 8 years and tracked the development of some of our best local leaders. Although not a requirement of the course we can also facilitate shadowing opportunities for your staff.

  • Directed CPD: We have an extensive range of pre-planned primary and secondary science CPD opportunities. Full details are available on our STEM CPD page.