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@Alexandra Park School
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The APS maths department has built a great reputation for achieving outstanding results every year. In 2017, our GCSE results of 88% grades 4-9, outstanding ALPS grade 2 and +0.52 Progress 8 score, placed us in the top performing schools’ brackets. Our top two year 10 sets sit the Level 2 certificate in Further Mathematics in June. This year we had 57 entries and achieved nearly 80% A** - A, with 100% A** - C. We are also consistently successful at A Levels, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, with 63% A* - B and 67% A* - B respectively this year. Our students usually gain admission to top universities for further education. 

This is reflected even better in the light of recent changes to the curricula and assessments. Our teachers take pride in planning and delivering high quality, rewarding, engaging and challenging lessons from KS3 to KS5. Students enjoy coming to Maths lessons and they progress well. The team works collaboratively to plan lessons, sharing resources and ideas to support all learners from high-ability to low-ability groups, including SEN and EAL students. Every Tuesday we host ‘Maths Club’ – by far the most famous after-school club for many years running.

1.  Leadership and staff structure

1.1  Curriculum Team leader Vinesh Bhugobaun - Line managed by Deputy Head
1.2  Line management meetings every 2 weeks during which we follow a whole school self-review cycle
1.3  3 Key stage Coordinators. Ks3/Ks4 /Ks5
1.4  14 maths teachers
1.5  Regular Curriculum team meetings plus additional Maths training hubs
1.6  10 maths classrooms a Maths office  and a maths store room
1.7  Maths technician shared with media

2.  Assessment

2.1  Scheduled assessment across key stages including Numeracy at KS3
2.2  School data system used to monitor progress / targets / predictions against student groups
2.3  Department data collection and tracking
2.4  GAP analysis after exams to inform planning
2.5  Effective homework / marking policy
2.6  Marking strategies used to maximise impact on learning planning and minimise staff work load

3.  Teaching and Learning

3.1  Creative SoW at KS3, adapted to meet KS4 demands and keep students inspired
3.2  Mastery Teaching and learning style adopted at KS3
3.3  Emphasis on numeracy at KS3 with regular assessments
3.4  Setting used at KS3 and KS4 but there is flexibility depending on the cohort
3.5  Growth mind set strategies are actively taught and delivered
3.6  Active promotion of Literacy and 'talk for writing'
3.7  Department-led CPD

4.  Behaviour for Learning

4.1 Effective school-wide systems used in department in-line with School Policies
This includes:
School removal system
Department removal system
Department detention structure
Praise structure
Corridor presence and control
Tackling low level disruption
7 things we ALL do

NRTA lead department costs are £350 per day (£200 per half-day); I undertake to pay this amount on receipt of an invoice from Alexandra Park School; I confirm that the staff member or members who receives support will provide feedback.
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