Science lead department

@Woodside High School
White Hart Lane, London, N22 5QJ

The science department at WHS has been a lead department in teaching and learning for the past six years. The percentage of students gaining an A* - C grade in Additional science has been 95, 97 and 92% respectively over the past three years and core science has been 92, 94 and 92%. 

As a department we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and learning.  We have a strong team of staff who consistently deliver outstanding lessons and promote the love of our subject in the students we teach.   The behaviour management of the team is a strength; enabling all learners to make rapid and sustained progress.  Our value added is extremely high and we have contributed significantly to the overall P8 scores of the school.

1.  Leadership and staff structure

1.1  Head of department: Mr. Daniel Howe - line managed by assistant headteacher Miss Jennifer Berry
1.2  Line management meetings every 2 weeks during which we follow a whole school self-review cycle
1.3  2 key stage coordinators.  KS3: Mr. Mark Jones & KS4: Mr. Gareth Mason
1.4  11 science teachers
1.5  3 science technicians
1.6  8 science classrooms and a prep room

2.  Assessment

2.1  Fortnighlty progress test. Marked formatively and kept in student folders. Students are given a reflection lesson following a progress test
2.2  Termly whole-school assessments. Used to inform settings
2.3  School data system used (4 matrix) to monitor progress/ targets/ predictions against student groups
2.4  GAP analysis after exams to inform planning
2.5  Effective homework / marking Policy

3.  Teaching and Learning

3.1   five year curriculum mapped out from Sept 2017
3.2   KS3 students build GCSE skills/key concepts in science during two year KS3
3.3   Spiral curriculum
3.4  Regular assessments embedded in SOL
3.5  KS4 students deepen understanding of key concepts and finish content.
3.6  Last term of year 11 dedicated to revision
3.7  Weekly period 7 (booster classes) run for every student in year 11

4.  Behaviour for Learning

4.1  Effective school-wide systems used in department in line with school policies
This includes:
Department removal system
School consequences system
45 minute whole-school detentions
Support staff to monitor corridor behaviour
PRAISE points reward system structure

NRTA lead department costs are £350 per day (£200 per half-day); I undertake to pay this amount on receipt of an invoice from Alexandra Park School; I confirm that the staff member or members who receives support will provide feedback.
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