History lead department

@Highgate Wood School
Montenotte Road, London, N8 8RN

History teachers at HWS take pride in planning and delivering high quality, rewarding, engaging and challenging lessons from KS3 to KS5. Students enjoy coming to History lessons and they progress well, our main aim being to instil a love of History in all our students. The department works collaboratively to plan lessons, sharing resources and ideas to support all learners from high-ability to low-ability groups, with consistently high expectations for all.

The HWS History Department has built a reputation for achieving outstanding results every year. At GCSE we have 5 classes, teaching over half the cohort, and over the last 4 have years have consistently achieved at least 82% A*-C, with over 45% of students achieving grades A and A*. Our results are always well above national averages with an average of +0.3 Progress 8 Score.

At A level we have 2 classes, where our students also always consistently perform well. We have achieved ALPS 2 for the last 4 years at A2, enabling our students to gain admission to top universities for further education.

Department Offer
1.  Leadership and staff structure:

1.1  We are a very experienced and established department of six specialist history teachers, five of us having taught at HWS for over 12 years
1.2  Curriculum team leader - Jennie Kingston
1.3  Regular curriculum team meetings and department CPD sessions where we share good practice and plan and review SoW collaboratively

2.  Assessment

2.1  Formal assessments at the end of each SOW across all Key Stages. Assessments all marked against shared success criteria and students given specific targets for improvement rather than grades. Dedicated feedback lessons planned after assessments in which students improve their work and set targets
2.2  Students familiar with success criteria, which at KS3 and 4 are designed to meet demands of new GCSE specifications, and are encouraged to self and peer assess their work regularly
2.3  Assessments moderated regularly to ensure consistency across department
2.4  Detailed analysis of 4 matrix used after exams to inform planning
2.5  Marking strategies used to maximise impact on learning and planning and to minimise staff work load

3.  Teaching and Learning

3.1  All classes are mixed ability, but a range of strategies are used to ensure that all students are suitably challenged and supported
3.2  Creative SoW at KS3 adapted to meet demands of KS4 and to keep students inspired, fostering a lifelong love of History
3.3  Lots of classroom discussion and debate encouraged in all lessons, to encourage students to access high order thinking and gain confidence in developing an argument
3.4  Literacy skills embedded in curriculum, explicitly teaching students how to structure their answers in order to improve their written work
3.5  Growth Mindset strategies embedded into all lessons, with students encouraged to challenge themselves by teachers' high expectations
3.6  Teachers all have excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the skills needed to do well in exams

4.  Behaviour for learning

4.1  Students consistently behave well in history lessons, due to the excellent relationships that teachers have with their students based on high expectations and mutual respect.
4.2  All teachers foster a positive learning environment in their classrooms through frequent use of praise, merits, meet and great at the door, and striving to meet the varying needs of all students, making them feel they can achieve in History.
4.3  Effective school wide systems used in department in line with School Policies, such as warnings, internal referral, tackling low level disruption,   corridor presence and demerits.

NRTA lead department costs are £350 per day (£200 per half-day); I undertake to pay this amount on receipt of an invoice from Alexandra Park School; I confirm that the staff member or members who receives support will provide feedback.
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